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As you know, Team No Nasties packed up our organic, fairtrade bags and made the big move from Bombay to Goa in 2014. Be gone, traffic! Come to mama, susegad!

But what's it really like to run our business here? And how easy is living in Goa really? Let us share a glimpse of our daily life in the sunshine state. 


What exactly does fair trade mean? Fair trade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. For us at No Nasties and our buddies at Fairtrade India, creating awareness and a sense of responsibility towards our farmers in India has always been a high priority. Read more in this blog post.
Kolkata in August. Thundery, muggy, hectic as ever. For an hour and a half we nudge through city traffic, marvel at classic yellow taxis crossing the iconic Howrah Bridge, and make our way into the industrial suburbs where eventually...

We wanted to capture the essence of summer, to create an easy to wear collection that spoke of vacations and resorts, cruises and sunsets and sand between your toes.

Read about our inspirations for the Palmae collection.

Hey hey, noticed any changes around here lately?
That’s right: skirts. And dresses. And button-down shirts. And more.

Oh me, oh my! Curious about our creative evolution? Read on.

We're about creating a movement. A movement to look good, to feel good and to do no nasties. And we're not alone! 

Read about the initiatives happening around the world and in India to create more awareness & take action for ethical fashion.