A 15 Year Old's Take On Veganism

Written By Zoë Kothari - July 11 2018


Viraj Divecha
July 16 2018

Wow Zoe! Very well written! So proud of you..

Urvi Desai
July 16 2018

Zoe very nicely written… I remember u as a small baby who loved reading….have spent many evenings in the company of your mom and masi … I miss them ….take care …keep writing

July 13 2018

I know Zoe from her child hood. She has been exceptionally intelligent and this write up blog a
proof of her deep intellectual, Clear thinking
powers. Proud of you my dear. …. Dada.

kaushik vani
July 12 2018

WOW Great post Zoe
God Bless you

Anamika Joshi
July 12 2018

I am amazed at how a 15 yr hold has pulled this off! Amazing. Inspiring. And thought-provoking!

July 12 2018

Excellent ! Loved it. Can’t wait for the next one.

Sampada Chaudhari
July 12 2018

Very well written. Thanks, Zoe for writing and sharing this piece :) Your understanding, clarity and articulation of thoughts at 15 years is super impressive :) Look forward to more from you. I’ve recently moved to a vegan, plant-based, whole foods diet, so your blog post resonated even more. Keep up the good work!

July 12 2018

Thank you for your beautiful insight into the world of ethical living. Plant based lifestyle is the most ethical and obvious choice. Thank you No Nasties for walking the talk.

July 11 2018

Loved the insights and food for thought put on the table by a 15 year old… Proud of you, Zoe!

Radhika Raste
July 11 2018

This is an amazing post! My husband and I are trying to go vegan and this has just boosted my thoughts. Thanks

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