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Packing and Shipping, the No Nasties Way ❤️🎁❤️

Here's how we pack and ship your No Nasties to you, the No Nasties way!

We don't toot our own horn very much, especially when it comes to the sustainability and care we take in shipping No Nasties products. With 2018's World Environment Day theme about beating plastic pollution in everyone's mind, we decided to focus on and share what we do to beat plastic pollution when we ship your organic, fairtrade, vegan No Nasties products to you! We've been doing this since our start 7 years ago and are ready to toot our horn! 🎉🎉🎉

A simple tag...

What's in a tag? Nothing yet everything! We need tags, it's a business must. But a throw away tag made from a cheap unethically sourced Nastie? Nope, we are No Nasties. What if we pay a few more rupees for tags made from swept up factory floor scraps of organic fairtrade cotton?!?! Does that exist?!?!

YES IT DOES!!! We source our beautiful organic cotton tags from Punarbhavaa Sustainable Products. So you don't need to feel guilty for pulling the tag off of your brand new shiny No Nasties product the second you get home - it's organic cotton, cut it up into tiny pieces and add it to your compost! 

A simple bag...

No Nasties Organic Bag - Fairtrade Organic Vegan Cotton ClothingWhen you get your organic, fairtrade, vegan cotton No Nasties clothing, you don't want that in a bag made from high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, or linear low-density polyethylene. You want it in a beautifully soft organic fairtrade vegan cotton bag!

And that's how we package each product you buy from us! What's even better than getting a FREE bonus bag with your new purchase! It's reusable (and cute by the way!)! We've heard from customers that it is the perfect size for a portable speaker, a great lego storage bag, or a storage bag for other bags! Share with us how you use your bag! 






And a box...

If you are ordering your No Nasties online, we then need to package all of this into a box so it can be labelled and sent on it's merry way! Our boxes are made from recycled material - no new trees were harmed in the making of these boxes. 🌴😎 

But wait, we can still help the planet more...

  • Every No Nasties product is created in Kolkata. They get shipped to us in Goa, in plastic bag lined boxes. 😔We need something sturdy to keep our No Nasties shiny and new while they are on the way! 
  • At this moment, we are still using boxes that need to be taped shut - which means plastic tape. 😭😢We need something that will keep your No Nasties safe from Goa to you! 

We know that there are alternatives, and we are actively looking into these. A few of our social media followers have shared their plant based alternatives and we are excited to try these out! We want to do better for our planet and will do better! 

Know of something that you think might help us? Leave us a comment here or on our social media pages! 


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