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The No Nasties Grove 🌴🌴🌴

We do a lot, but there's still an ecological cost. This wasn't sitting right with us, we wanted to do more! So the question was: What should we do? Let's start the...

While we have been doing great things for our environment and planet over the last 7 years, we still have an impact on Planet Earth. 



Our farms are rain-fed & there are no toxic pesticides & fertilisers used; there are no heavy metals in our azo-free dyes & plastisol-free inks; we use organic cloth bags for packaging and our paper hang-tags are made of up-cycled organic cotton fabric waste; our shipping boxes are made of recycled cardboard…we do a lot, but there's still an ecological cost:

  • Production - All goods, even sustainable goods, have an ecological footprint. 
  • Packing - even though we don’t use plastics, cardboard and paper don’t exactly grow on trees...oh, wait! 
  • Shipping - 1545 orders shipped to 61 different countries - imagine the frequent flier miles!

This wasn't sitting right with us, we wanted to do more - this was how we got our start all those years ago!

So the question was: What should we do?



Trees; those beautiful, bountiful, magical things that give us air, shade and so many delicious mangoes. Let's plant so many trees that we create our very own No Nasties Grove. In fact, let's plant 10,000 trees this year! 



We started No Nasties with full transparency, and we are committed to sharing everything with you - every step of the way. We are increasing our prices (cue the sad music and a slow single tear drop running down your cheek). BUT, you won't be mourning long (you can find your tissue now). We are increasing our prices so that every product you purchase online will include the price of a tree in the No Nasties Grove! Isn't that tree-mendous?!

We are going to plant a tree for each of the following 3 things: 

  • Every online product sold = TREE
  • Every new email signup = TREE
  • Every single day in business = TREE

Tree, tree, tree, tree! Gimme more treeees!

No Nasties Grove Trees - Organic Fairtrade Cotton Clothing



We have already planted 7,433 trees in our No Nasties Grove! We've counted up all the days we've been in business, all the wonderful online actions from #7yearsofnonasties, and all of the new email signups from April 2018! And beginning June 2018, we are also counting every online product sold! How unbe-leaf-able is that! 

Every month, we'll update you on our progress. And if you were one of the amazing people who we planted a tree for during the month, you'll receive an email from our partner, Grow-Trees, to confirm that we did indeed plant a tree just for you in our No Nasties Grove! You can share this with your friends, family and/or social media followers! Be proud that you support No Nasties!!



Not only will we plant a tree for every online product sold, every new email signup AND every single day we are in business, you can also purchase individual trees. Add 1, 10 or 100 trees to your No Nasties order and we'll plant those trees in our No Nasties Grove in your name! So shop today, and make a positive mark on our beautiful Planet Earth!

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Plant a Tree in the No Nasties Grove - Organic Fairtrade Cotton Clothing


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