Knitting and fitting: where No Nasties t-shirts come to life

Knitting and fitting: where No Nasties t-shirts come to life

December 13 2019

Want the lowdown on how our fair trade, organic t-shirts are made? Today we want to show you more about the mill which takes that fluffy cotton and turns out luxurious quality t-shirts – all the while maintaining the strictest fair trade principles. Read up on our Factory factoids!

A 15 Year Old's Take On 'Organic'

A 15 Year Old's Take On 'Organic'

July 12 2018

Why buy organic? The pros and pros, explained by No Nasties' latest teenage intern.


The No Nasties Grove 🌴🌴🌴

The No Nasties Grove 🌴🌴🌴

June 5 2018

We do a lot, but there's still an ecological cost. This wasn't sitting right with us, we wanted to do more!

So the question was: What should we do?

Let's start the No Nasties Grove!

A week at our factory

September 2 2016
Kolkata in August. Thundery, muggy, hectic as ever. For an hour and a half we nudge through city traffic, marvel at classic yellow taxis crossing the iconic Howrah Bridge, and make our way into the industrial suburbs where eventually...

Vive la Révolution!

June 13 2014

We're about creating a movement. A movement to look good, to feel good and to do no nasties. And we're not alone! 

Read about the initiatives happening around the world and in India to create more awareness & take action for ethical fashion.

No Nasties - Time for a Reintroduction!

No Nasties - Time for a Reintroduction!

June 4 2014

An introduction-once-more to No Nasties and sharing our journey of 3 years. 

What we do, why we do it, and how we do it (Hint: in style, baby!)

Be our guest: Atma ‘cottons on’ to No Nasties

December 17 2013
Atma is an NGO that works to support the disadvantaged community by partnering with educational NGOs. Read why they think of thw work being done by No Nasties as a natural "fit" for their them.

Be our guest: here’s to a Divine new year!

January 1 2013
Our first guest blogger of this year is Charlotte from Divine Chocolate, a fair trade chocolate company that has become a household name in the UK while enabling radical progress in the cocoa farming industry in Ghana. Talk about starting on a sweet note!

Reality Tours and Travel ♥ Dharavi and No Nasties t-shirts!

December 7 2012

Reality Tours and Travel conduct signature Dharavi tours of one of Asia’s biggest slums and tries to give our customers an understanding of the “realities” of this area. Read why they think of No Nasties as a very important partner.

No Nasties at the Farmers’ Market!

No Nasties at the Farmers’ Market!

October 23 2012
When we weren’t eating delicious fresh-cooked organic food, buying fruits and veggies directly from the farmers at the Maharashtra Nature Park for the Farmers’ Market, or drinking perfect natural lemonade, we were showing off our brand new designs and singing the praises of organic cotton… yep, you really can feel the difference! But that’s not all. We were there to capture a movement!

Awesome cotton t-shirts start with awesome cotton farms

September 6 2012
A bit more background on the innovative organisations responsible for firstly growing the lovely cotton, and then whipping it up into the high-quality t-shirts we are so pleased to put our name to. Read more about our supply chain partners.