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Vive la Révolution!

We're about creating a movement. A movement to look good, to feel good and to do no nasties. And we're not alone!  Read about the initiatives happening around the world and in India to create more awareness & take action for...

We're about creating a movement.
A movement to look good, to feel good and to do no nasties. And we're not alone!

Around the world, people are uniting under the belief that there is a better way: enjoying a new shirt doesn't have to come at the expense of supporting bad, ugly, awful factories or cotton farms. Child labour? Farmer suicides? Rivers frothing with toxic dyes and pollutants? No. Nope. Not in our name.

Fashion needn't become the enemy – no way!
We firmly believe it can be a force for good, without having to wear tie-dyed hemp (unless that's your thing, in which case rock on). That's the whole point No Nasties was founded on - offering an effortless way to express your voice for a more fair and sustainable world, without having to change your dressing style let alone your lifestyle.

On the 24th of April 2013, a very large apparel factory, Rana Plaza, in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed - 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured. All warnings of safety hazards and worker conditions had been ignored by the owners in the weeks before the accident, and nothing was done to prevent this disaster.

Fashion Revolution Day says enough is enough!
Be curious. Find out. Do something. That was the task set for the inaugural Fashion Revolution Day in April this year, and we were excited to be on the board coordinating India's action alongside fellow revolutionaries in the design, manufacturing and farming sectors.
Producing official international FRD fairtrade organic tees? Yep.
Demanding transparency from brands with the question “Who made my clothes?” and leading India's wave of #insideout selfies?  Oh yes.
Being totally fired up by the vision & commitment of fellow revolutionaries from around the globe?  You betcha!

Fashion Revolution Day rocked the boat, and the call for change is only gonna get louder. Wanna know more? Read it here!

Think global, act local.
The ugly reality of fast fashion and all it entails is a big worldwide issue, there's no denying it. But let's get inspired, not overwhelmed!
So many solutions are right here on our doorstep in India, you only need join in.
Here are a few things No Nasties is doing to create this movement of change:

1. We’re proud to be a founding member of The Green People of India, an awesome union of changemakers promoting eco-enterprises and sustainable development in India.

2. We’re launching a social development project in Maharashtra’s cotton lands alongside a top London university and a fantastic rural NGO. The project is aimed at increasing empowerment & providing a sustained livelihood for cotton farmer women. (More soon on our blog about this!)

3. We’re collaborating with international pioneers in the ethical fashion scene, including the outspoken Katharine Hamnett.

And we’re refusing to put our grapes in plastic bags at the local grocery store.  Because this sustainable lark ain’t just lip service!

Let's invest in our farmers and increase demand for sustainable, organic cotton and happier healthier agricultural communities.  Let's give our business to awesome, innovative factories governed by fair trade norms. Let's reclaim the joy in fashion and celebrate the artisans behind the garments. Let's ask the tough questions, hold those in power accountable, vote with our wallets and make responsibility look ridiculously hot.

Do one thing.  Join the revolution.  Join the movement.
What do you need to get started? Tell us, we'll help.
Ask us the tough questions, we'll respond!
Whatever you need - let's make it happen together!


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