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The No Nasties Design Philosophy

Hey hey, noticed any changes around here lately?
That’s right: skirts. And dresses. And button-down shirts. And more.

Oh me, oh my! Curious about our creative evolution? Read on.

No Nasties Design Philosophy

No Nasties started out five years ago as a t-shirt company, honing our style and fairtrade production chains with a few classic shapes that were always nipped and tucked to perfection.

“No choking necklines, no zombie sleeves” - you know how we roll.
And then we wanted more. And so did you!

From baby clothes to sweatshirts, underwear and dress shirts, you guys have requested it all, and we’ve been testing and developing all kinds of samples from our Goa HQ. Did you know that No Nasties kids’ tees are now available (exclusively) at the ‘Out of India’ store in Mumbai International Airport’s T2 terminal?  Go see next time you pass through.

Right now we’re gearing up to launch our third collection as a true clothing brand, and we’re thrilled with how the existing dresses, skirts and button-down shirts have struck a chord with you all so far. While our newest goodies are being unpacked onto the warehouse shelves just waiting to go live, we asked our in-house designer extraordinaire Shweta to take us through the design philosophy that she based this, and all No Nasties collections around.

No Nasties Design Philosophy

We want No Nasties to be a timeless, classic brand, with pieces that fit into your wardrobe, your mood and your palette at any point in the year.

No matter what the trend is, no matter the colours and styles that magazines are promoting as the last line in temporary chic - our garments stand the test of time. Sometimes loud prints can be too relevant to one season, making them date fast and become tricky to wear the next season, hence our printed designs are subtle and muted.

No fast-fashion throwaways. We are onboard the #30wears ethical shopping train, and then some!


No Nasties Design Philosophy

We set our standards early on with the non-choking necklines and non-zombie sleeves and we’re not about to compromise on our comfort levels!

From breakfast, to the beach then the bar (and a whole lot in between) our breathable organic cotton fabrics and flattering cuts are kind to your body.

Meanwhile subtle design features like the hint of a modern cocoon shape, slub textured cotton or unusual drapes in just the right places knock out some effortless style points.


No Nasties Design Philosophy

By staying true to our design language, No Nasties pieces naturally go well together. Layer them up! The tee goes with the shirt which goes with the skirt which goes with the wrap which goes with the dress and on and on! Ladies, don’t be afraid of styling up a guys’ button-down shirt with a knot at the waist and some awesome statement jewellery. Gents, throw a unisex wrap around your neck over the tee, or keep the breeze off by adding a shirt on top.

We don’t make pieces that are so wacky they can only be worn once or on their own. Our collections are perfect for minimalists, capsule wardrobe fans and serial outfit repeaters alike. And perfect for you. Definitely you.


No Nasties Design Philosophy - Organic and Fairtrade

And one last feature?
Of course: No Nasties clothing is always 100% organic. And always 100% fairtrade.

Because it matters!