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Design Deconstructed

Design Deconstructed

December 13 2019
Bet you want to know what makes our t-shirts so awesome! Here's a behind the scenes look at the entire design process, straight from our in-house fashion designer!
Knitting and fitting: where No Nasties t-shirts come to life

Knitting and fitting: where No Nasties t-shirts come to life

December 13 2019

Want the lowdown on how our fair trade, organic t-shirts are made? Today we want to show you more about the mill which takes that fluffy cotton and turns out luxurious quality t-shirts – all the while maintaining the strictest fair trade principles. Read up on our Factory factoids!

A 15 Year Old's Take On 'Organic'

A 15 Year Old's Take On 'Organic'

July 12 2018

Why buy organic? The pros and pros, explained by No Nasties' latest teenage intern.


A 15 Year Old's Take On Veganism

A 15 Year Old's Take On Veganism

July 11 2018
Cruelty-free products, animal testing, the dairy industry - here's what No Nasties' latest teenage intern has to say.
Packing and Shipping, the No Nasties Way ❤️🎁❤️

Packing and Shipping, the No Nasties Way ❤️🎁❤️

June 8 2018
Here's how we pack and ship your No Nasties to you, the No Nasties way!
The No Nasties Grove 🌴🌴🌴

The No Nasties Grove 🌴🌴🌴

June 5 2018

We do a lot, but there's still an ecological cost. This wasn't sitting right with us, we wanted to do more!

So the question was: What should we do?

Let's start the No Nasties Grove!

No Nasties Superhero: Shivani Patel

No Nasties Superhero: Shivani Patel

May 22 2018
This week, Shivani Patel from Arture Design answered our No Nasties Superhero signal and she is talking Cork! It's all "bark" and no bite with her brand's vegan wallets & bags! Read more about it.
No Nasties Superhero: Jen Barron

No Nasties Superhero: Jen Barron

May 16 2018
Our Superhero spotlight today is on Jen Barron from jenbarronYOGA. She is bold enough to believe that transformation can happen by engaging with people through Yoga, Adventures, Events or all of the above.
No Nasties Superheroes : Shanto R. Doultani aka Dhyan (The Bottle Man)

No Nasties Superheroes : Shanto R. Doultani aka Dhyan (The Bottle Man)

April 17 2018

This time in our Superheroes series, we feature Super-guru Shanto Doultani aka ‘Dhyan’, a visionary who has made it his mission to make us busy-bees aware of the harmful impact of plastic waste on our environment. Read more..

Every Corner.

Every Corner.

April 16 2018
In 7 years of operation, we've had website visitors and customers from every corner of the world. Here's the full list.
Josefin Wikström an ambassador for the Prison Yoga Project US where she recently also started the Prison Yoga Project in Mumbai India.

No Nasties Superheroes : Josefin Wikström

July 3 2017
Our latest superhero is Josefin - an ambassador for the Prison Yoga Project, a fantastic and fun yoga teacher and even a Bollywood dancer! Read on to find out more about her.
How Art Therapy at a Yoga Retreat led to the Dunes

How Art Therapy at a Yoga Retreat led to the Dunes

May 16 2017
The concept for the Dunes print came about while I was at a yoga retreat last year. It was an art meditation technique that I practiced while I was there...
On our 6th Anniversary: 6 things you probably didn't know about No Nasties but really should!

On our 6th Anniversary: 6 things you probably didn't know about No Nasties but really should!

April 10 2017

It's April 11th, 2017! Already! It's been 6 years since we started this little "project" of ours. Six Years!

Here's 6 things that you may not yet know about us, but really should...

    From Bangkok & Back Again: (nearly) Five Years of Memories with No Nasties

    From Bangkok & Back Again: (nearly) Five Years of Memories with No Nasties

    March 2 2017

    "I've ducked in & out of the team several times over the years, and the marvel of seeing No Nasties grow from this unique position as both insider and customer has been so special.  Join me on a walk down memory lane, won't you?" - read the farewell post from our wonderful blogger, Ruth! <3

    No Nasties Superheroes: Shawn Rodrigues

    No Nasties Superheroes: Shawn Rodrigues

    March 1 2017

    Our spotlight today is on the most excellent Shawn Rodrigues of Bean Me Up here in Goa! Longtime friend of No Nasties, we love Shawn, we've loved eating his delicious vegan food for years. Let's take a deeper look at this super-hero!

    The Truth about Living in Goa

    February 8 2017

    As you know, Team No Nasties packed up our organic, fairtrade bags and made the big move from Bombay to Goa three years ago. Be gone, traffic! Come to mama, susegad!

    But what's it really like to run our business here?


    No Nasties Superheroes: Suzanna Gayatri

    October 25 2016
    This week we’re thrilled to feature the wonderful Suzanna Gayatri. One of our star supporters for a long time,Suzanna featured No Nasties on her exquisite Packed in India blog way back in 2012. A true champion of small brands from across India, Suzanna is a fearless advocate for holistic wellbeing and the rights of all. Hurrah!

    No Nasties Superheroes: Philippe Dartnell

    October 6 2016

    Our first No Nasties superhero comes pretty darn close to being able to fly!

    Meet Philippe Dartnell, founder and pioneer of Kitesurfing Goa...

    Be the Change with Fairtrade India

    September 14 2016
    What exactly does fair trade mean? Fair trade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. For us at No Nasties and our buddies at Fairtrade India, creating awareness and a sense of responsibility towards our farmers in India has always been a high priority. Read more in this blog post.

    A week at our factory

    September 2 2016
    Kolkata in August. Thundery, muggy, hectic as ever. For an hour and a half we nudge through city traffic, marvel at classic yellow taxis crossing the iconic Howrah Bridge, and make our way into the industrial suburbs where eventually...

    The Palmae Photoshoot - a Sunrise by the Sea

    August 3 2016

    Shallow waves lap onto the rocky shore in the early morning light, and all around is a bustle of preparation. It’s our Palmae collection photoshoot day!

    Come & meet the people behind the shoot.

    Palmae : A behind the scenes look

    July 18 2016

    We wanted to capture the essence of summer, to create an easy to wear collection that spoke of vacations and resorts, cruises and sunsets and sand between your toes.

    Read about our inspirations for the Palmae collection.

    Design Philosophy

    Design Philosophy

    July 2 2016
    Hey hey, noticed any changes around here lately?
    That’s right: skirts. And dresses. And button-down shirts. And more.

    Oh me, oh my! Curious about our creative evolution? Read on.

    7 Students, 7 Countries, Hello World!

    May 6 2015

    7 students, 7 countries, 7+7 days to take No Nasties global!

    Say hello to our amazing team of interns who are taking the brand for a spin around the world!

    Cotton Sense: not just a load of fluff

    June 20 2014

    We want to continue raising awareness of farmer suicides, both nationally and globally – people need to know what's going on, and what they can do about it! Enter the Cotton Sense project. A hot mix of No Nasties, Pearson College, Pave and Chetana Vikas. A shared desire to do zero nasties. Bring it on.

    Vive la Révolution!

    June 13 2014

    We're about creating a movement. A movement to look good, to feel good and to do no nasties. And we're not alone! 

    Read about the initiatives happening around the world and in India to create more awareness & take action for ethical fashion.

    No Nasties - Time for a Reintroduction!

    No Nasties - Time for a Reintroduction!

    June 4 2014

    An introduction-once-more to No Nasties and sharing our journey of 3 years. 

    What we do, why we do it, and how we do it (Hint: in style, baby!)

    No Nasties wins in 'Spark the Rise' contest

    January 14 2014
    Watch our video that won us the 'Spark the Rise' contest!

    Be our guest: Atma ‘cottons on’ to No Nasties

    December 17 2013
    Atma is an NGO that works to support the disadvantaged community by partnering with educational NGOs. Read why they think of thw work being done by No Nasties as a natural "fit" for their them.

    Be our guest: here’s to a Divine new year!

    January 1 2013
    Our first guest blogger of this year is Charlotte from Divine Chocolate, a fair trade chocolate company that has become a household name in the UK while enabling radical progress in the cocoa farming industry in Ghana. Talk about starting on a sweet note!

    Reality Tours and Travel ♥ Dharavi and No Nasties t-shirts!

    December 7 2012

    Reality Tours and Travel conduct signature Dharavi tours of one of Asia’s biggest slums and tries to give our customers an understanding of the “realities” of this area. Read why they think of No Nasties as a very important partner.

    No Nasties at the Farmers’ Market!

    October 23 2012
    When we weren’t eating delicious fresh-cooked organic food, buying fruits and veggies directly from the farmers at the Maharashtra Nature Park for the Farmers’ Market, or drinking perfect natural lemonade, we were showing off our brand new designs and singing the praises of organic cotton… yep, you really can feel the difference! But that’s not all. We were there to capture a movement!

    Awesome cotton t-shirts start with awesome cotton farms

    September 6 2012
    A bit more background on the innovative organisations responsible for firstly growing the lovely cotton, and then whipping it up into the high-quality t-shirts we are so pleased to put our name to. Read more about our supply chain partners.