100% organic cotton
100% fair trade
100% vegan
300% carbon offset
100% organic cotton
100% fair trade
100% vegan
300% carbon offset
100% organic cotton
100% fair trade
100% vegan
300% carbon offset

The best prints from our archives.


Just 100 of each. You snooze, you lose.


XXS to XXXL. Only on pre-order.


Delivery in 90 days. Free returns.

Why Pre-Order?

1. You buy, we make. No haste, no waste.

2. You get your size. From XXS to 3XL.

3. You save money, honey. 20% off.



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Meet the Designers >

Holy by Lokesh Karekar

Goan by Diti Kotecha

Stache by Eng Bhai

Tigris by Ghana NB

Sunny by Yashika P

Them by Diti Kotecha

Amp by Yashika P

Ellie by Ghana NB

Amour by Yashika P

Just 100 of each.

You snooze, you lose. Pre-order now.



All your questions, answered.

What is Pre-Order?

The traditional retail model is that brands make new designs, hoping customers will buy them. This causes waste, customers don't always get their sizes or designs, and companies take big inventory and cash-flow risks. Far from ideal.

So we're trying something new. Pre-order is our model to make only what is needed.

It's kinda like crowd-funding. We design, you buy, we make.

  • You get your design & size.
  • We make only what's in demand.
  • The planet doesn't get more waste.

Everybody wins. Huzzah.

How does Pre-Order help me?
  1. You lock-in your size.
  2. You save 20% on the retail price.
  3. You help save the planet by helping us make only what is needed.

Size, Price, Planet! Now that's a good deal.

When will I get the tees?

The tees are made-to-order only after the pre-order window closes, on August 25th.

It will take us till October end to make the tees, and we'll ship them out in the first week of November.

(If we face any difficulties in manufacturing, we'll be in touch as soon as we can to update you if our original estimate is incorrect. But we don't anticipate any delays!)

Are Returns Accepted?

Yep, you can return for store credit or exchange for another tree for free within India.

International returns/exchanges are not possible at this moment.

Can't I Just wait and buy them later?

Maybe. But, we may not make extra, or your size may not be available, and you definitely won't be get the 20% discounted pricing.

Our suggestion? Pre-Order. 

What if I have more questions?

Just ask Betty. Email betty@nonasties.in or message on WhatsApp.