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Goa: Our home, our vibe, our inspiration

Since 2014 we call Goa our home. But it's been so much more than that. It is our anchor, our source of inspiration and creativity as well as our incentive. Find out why we choose Goa as our base and...

Goa! Now try closing your eyes. Memories, stereotypes, breeze and a whole lotta sunshine should be wafting through your mind RIGHT about now. Feels so good, doesn’t it? We’ve called Goa home since 2014; moving here from bustling Bombay to find a space that let us be us. All those things you pictured or remembered were part of the pull for us too, of course, but there was so much more. We wanted to be in a place that let us imagine the kind of world we wanted to create at No Nasties. To be happy, more at peace and one with ourselves. Spoiler alert: it worked! 

We really did come into our own here. What started with wanting to find more of No Nasties in Goa ended with more of Goa in No Nasties. And today, whether it’s our approach to sustainability or designing our organic clothing, the Goan influence is unmistakable.

Where we’re at - an old, beautiful Portuguese bungalow

Our mothership (HQ, store, studio, warehouse) is an old Portuguese bungalow in the Assagao neighbourhood. It’s where we dream and create. It’s home. The calm, airy space certainly has a Susegado (the relaxed life, as we call it in Goa) vibe to it, but make no mistake, it sometimes gets pretty crazy! Because y’know, being a small team that’s trying to drive big change isn’t easy - we’re ALWAYS up to some kind of multitasking or firefighting. But just being here - in Goa and in our Assagao home - makes SUCH a difference and keeps us going. Also, one of the best lessons Goa taught us is that there’s nothing that ocean breeze and sunset beach swims can’t fix. We swear by this little trick. 


Slowing down in Goa town

The move to Goa was never meant to change anything philosophically. Even while in Bombay, No Nasties was a proudly Indian organic clothing brand (also Fairtrade and vegan). But Goa lets us think more and be more. At the start, the decision to move was driven by basically two things - affordability and pace.

Goa is a lot more affordable for a small business (other caveats of being in a smaller city apply!) than Bombay. Living here took the financial edge off a little, initially, and didn’t pressure us into directions we didn’t want to take. Most importantly, it let us slow down and think deeply about our outlook towards consumption, sustainability and the planet. Because let’s face it - a metropolis isn’t exactly the ideal place to have these conversations!

We’ve met some great, like-minded people here who believe in many of the same ideas that we do. Fairness, community, planet-friendly actions, care and compassion. Interacting with them and introspecting has led to other epiphanies too. For instance, if our brand is vegan, why aren’t we? A few of us in the team have since taken up vegan lifestyles. For real. Honestly, this has been pretty darn fulfilling. 

And slowly, everything we speak about as a brand has ended up becoming a part of our daily lives as well. Yoga, vegan eateries, zero-waste brands, working with other local change-makers. Remember how we said coming into our own? The slow life really did its thing!

Goan life is our design muse

Before getting here, I don’t think we’d foreseen the extent of inspiration Goa had in store for us. There’s A LOT of it around here. From culture to people to things to...the beach, of course! This is why, as a brand, No Nasties became a lot more design-oriented after we moved to Goa; inspired by its nature, sights and landscapes. So many of our collections are actually tributes to Goa. For example, many of our prints showcase the beauty of Goa's forests, dunes, fields and mangroves. Kingfisher on a tee anyone? We got you! Our patrons often refer to our styles and designs as relaxed, whimsical and chill. Because that’s our vibe. That’s Goa in No Nasties.

Defining the vibe of our organic clothing

We’re closer to nature here. We look at the calm, endless ocean, changing seasons and swaying trees all around us, and we love expressing that FEELING in everything that we design. Drawn from our surroundings, this Goan flavour manifests itself in each aspect of our clothing. Whether it’s our easy, free-flowing silhouettes, comfortable, casual fits or muted, earthy colours. Because we want you to feel liberated and happy when you wear No Nasties. These design choices also lend themselves to a certain timelessness and longevity, without which any conversation around sustainability in clothing is futile, honestly (buy less, wear more often!). A really satisfying win-win situation. 

So whenever you find yourself in Goa next, come say hi! We’re in Assagao - right opposite Gunpowder restaurant, that’s become a landmark in its own right. You won’t miss it! We’ll chat over some fresh, spiced coffee that you will NOT find anywhere else. That’s a promise.

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