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Be our guest: Atma ‘cottons on’ to No Nasties

Atma is an NGO that works to support the disadvantaged community by partnering with educational NGOs. Read why they think of thw work being done by No Nasties as a natural...

This holiday season we’ve extended a warm invite to some fantastic organisations to share a guest post here on the No Nasties blog.  Some posts will be from people we work with directly, others from those who inspire us with their own work in the fair trade and organic arena - and all are guaranteed to tickle your tinsel toes!  Today we’re all about being socially conscious with our friends at Atma.


Atma is an NGO that works to support the disadvantaged community by partnering with educational NGOs. Through building the capacity of these organisations, we attempt to deliver high quality education to underprivileged children and young adults. While education is one the key drivers of development, there are numerous other causes that need to be addressed.

imageWe at Atma understand that we cannot solve all the problems of the world. However, being a socially responsible organisation Atma promotes a culture of making socially conscious decisions. We support organisations and entrepreneurs who are working to provide solutions to the various problems afflicting our country.

No Nasties is one such incredible organisation that works to address the injustices in the cotton farming industry of India. Referred to as the dirtiest crop for the rampant use of pesticides and fertilizers in its production; cotton poses a myriad of problems to its producers in India. Nearly 300,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide since 1995. A significant number of cotton farmers are part of this abysmal statistic.

imageNo Nasties designs and produces 100% organic and fair trade clothing that is ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment. By saying No to all the Nasty Business that is the cotton industry in India today, this organisation gives us the power to Vote with our Wallets.

Atma ‘cottons on’ to No Nasties and everything they stand for. Not only are the Atma t-shirts a No Nasties product all the way, but some of their latest designs have also found a way into the closets of our staff members.

Mary Ellen Matsui (Executive Director, Atma) says, “Atma is a young organisation keen to be a part of the larger change-making process.  The uber hip & clean No Nasties t-shirts make for a natural ‘fit’ for our team. We are thankful for this awesome initiative that allows us to be a part of the solution!”


Happy holidays, Atma!  It’s an honour to be on board your socially conscious train!


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