Why Black Friday?

As a sustainable brand, we (obviously) discourage over-consumption.

Yet, this Black Friday (infamous for wasteful purchases), we are having a sale.

3 reasons why a Black Friday sale:

  1. PRICE is the primary deciding factor in purchases for a lot of customers, especially students. They save up all year for these sales, and we want to offer them a sustainable option while shopping.
  2. PLEASE don't buy just because it's on sale. But IF you do need it and you're going to buy, we hope you buy better by buying from us.
  3. PLUS size stock - we have a lot of it (For Her, For Him). A sale helps us clear the warehouse, and it helps you save money. 'Tis the truth.

And a reminder: 

Irrespective of the sale price, each & every purchase from us will always:

  • Offset 3x the carbon footprint
  • Plant 3x trees
  • Ship carbon-neutral (in recycled & returnable packaging within India!)

We've made consumption a force for good with our #planetpositive model.