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No Nasties at the Farmers’ Market!

Where were you this past Sunday?


We were at the Maharashtra Nature Park for the Farmers’ Market!


When we weren’t eating delicious fresh-cooked organic food, buying fruits and veggies directly from the farmers, or drinking perfect natural lemonade, we were showing off our brand new designs and singing the praises of organic cotton… yep, you really can feel the difference!


But that’s not all. 


We were there to capture a movement!


The demand for produce that is sustainably grown gets bigger every day.  Toxic chemicals?  No thanks!  We believe organic farming is the answer.  Safe for the farmers, safe for the families, safe for the soil, safe for the water supply, safe for the world, safe for you.


Who’s with us?  Will you be part of the movement?


Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said YES!

No Nasties at the Farmers Market Mumbai


Are you in?