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About - No Nasties - 100% organic fair trade cotton t-shirts, Made in India.

About No Nasties
30 minutes
That's the rate at which farmers are committing suicide in India. 250,000 suicides in 15 years. One every half an hour!

60 million
That's the number of child labourers in India. 60 million children!

That's the percentage of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers used on cotton in India, even though it only takes up 5% of farm land!

These numbers were too disturbing for us to ignore. We decided to do something about it.

We looked at the current initiatives by the government and non-government organizations in India and were glad to see a growing movement to switch to organic and fair trade practices. No genetically modified seeds, no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, no carcinogens, no high interest loans, no child labour, no price exploitation, no suicides!

Most of this work, however, was being done at the grassroots level and there was not enough support for it from the end consumers. We think that is due to a lack of awareness as well as a lack of choice for the consumers.

We don't believe that anyone who is truly aware of what is going on would turn their heads and support this unsustainable, slave trade economy, if they had a viable alternative. An alternative that doesn't ask the consumers to change their lifestyle, but meets them where they're at and matches their fashion and design sensibilities.

Introducing No Nasties: 100% organic & fair trade clothing that is ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment.

The People behind No Nasties
No Nasties was started by Apurva and Diti - two bicycle riding, frisbee tossing, yoga posing, organic farming, city dwelling, Auroville dreaming, Mumbai residents, who (try to) do no nasty! Diti has now moved on to greener pastures and Apurva is steering the ship, holding down the fort, keeping a hose on the fire, and kickin it up a notch!
Apurva Kothari
Apurva did technology.
Apurva did web.
Apurva did lasers.
Apurva did micro-chips.
Apurva no happy.

So Apurva started No Nasties.
And life is good again.
Shweta Deliwala
Shweta is our awesome in-house fashion designer who creates our great fits.

Your t-shirts fits you to a T?
Thank Shweta for that!
Anushka Gupta
Anushka is our fabulous graphic designer, photographer and stylist. Fabulous!!

She brings the jazz.
The razzmatazz!
Felix Litzkow
Operations + Analytics + Online Advertising + SEO + One heck of a good lookin' model!


Our Support Team
Besides our in-house team, we have a wonderful set of supporters that makes all this possible!

Diti was our first in-house designer & branding champ. Chris helped us tremendously with accounting and marketing, Pragnya lent us a big hand with our website copy, Adrienne did the lovely illustrations on our website, Groovy Two Shoes Studio helped us style our past photo shoots that were brilliantly shot by Shivangini and Charu took some amazing outdoor photos for our campaign shoot! Good people these - very good people!
And then we've also got a long list of great looking, big-hearted friends who model for us and spread the good word about No Nasties! (We love you!)

Our Partners
We work with like-minded and socially focussed organizations at every stage - from our business mentors to our fair trade NGO, from our farms to our factory, from our courier service to the causes we support. We believe that the best way to gain trust about what we do is to be completely transparent about our supply chain and our partners. Accordingly, we are happy to share where our products come from.
Chetna Organic Farmers Association
Chetna Organic
Chetna Organic Farmers Association is a co-op that provides support for cotton farmers to switch to organic and fair trade practices.

Most of the organic fair trade cotton we use is sourced from Chetna.
Armstrong Knitting Mills
Armstrong Knitting Mills is one of India’s leading sustainable textile companies that not only produces quality products but observes the highest social, economic and environmental standards. It is certified organic & fair trade and is also carbon neutral. Amazing!

No Nasties t-shirts are made by Armstrong.
Unltd India
Unltd India
UnLtd India is a launchpad for social entrepreneurs that finds, funds and supports exceptional individuals whose ideas, passion and entrepreneurial skills can bring about long-term solutions to India's social problems.

UnLtd India has supported No Nasties from the start as investee & guided us every step of the way.
An environment forum, RUR (Are you Reducing, Reusing, Recycling?) has a vision to create eco friendly citizens. It works on spreading awareness through workshops on green living, zero waste management, home composting.

No Nasties gets its recycled tetrapak paper for its tags and business cards from RUR.
Fairtrade International
Fairtrade International (FLO)
Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. Fairtrade offers producers a better deal and improved terms of trade.

No Nasties is a FLO licensed brand and our t-shirts are made in a FLO certified supply chain - 100% fair trade!
Global Organic Textile Standard
The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) defines environmental criteria along the entire supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.

No Nasties t-shirts are made in a GOTS certified supply chain - 100% organic!

About Our Designer Community
Design is important.

From the very start, we wanted to build a community of like-minded and incredibly skilled designers to be a part of No Nasties; to gather a group of talented individuals that all believe in the power of good through design.

They give us designs. Great designs!
We give them food. And recognition. And royalties.

We invite you to join our community as well. Just send us an email to and we'll get the ball rolling.
Till then, check out our current designers and their fantastic designs!

Volunteer with us!
We need your help!

We can never have enough hands around here!
If you believe in what we're doing and would like to help out, please email or call us.
There are opportunities in marketing, design, operations, name it, we need it! Just come on over!
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