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organic & fair trade clothing
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No Nasties | 100% organic fair trade cotton t-shirts. Made in India.

Awesome t-shirts
Great designs, Perfect fits,
Oh-So-Soft Organic Cotton!

We start with cotton so amazingly soft that bunnies and babies' bottoms are suing us!

Next, we nip and tuck the t-shirts into perfection with the help of our in-house fashion designer.

Then we print them with the original, exclusive designs created for us by our own designer community.

At every stage, we take care of the environment and the people we work with. 100% Organic. 100% Fair Trade.

The end result: An awesome t-shirt that looks good, feels good and does no nasty!

No Nasties - 100% organic fair trade cotton t-shirts, Made in India.

Did you know?
A farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes in India. That's over 20,000 suicides a year.
The primary reason for farmer suicides is debt to buy genetically modified seeds and pesticides.
Seeds from genetically modified plants cannot be re-planted. Farmers need to buy new seeds every season.
Cotton consumes 55% of the pesticides and fertilizers used in India.
Organic Cotton does not use any genetically modified seeds or synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.
The number of child labourers in India is reported to be as high as 60 million.
Fair Trade means no child labour and no discrimination between men & women.
Fair Trade means paying farmers the right prices for their goods and not exploiting them.
Fair Trade includes paying a premium for community development.
Farmers that follow Organic & Fair Trade practices do not commit suicide. It's as simple as that.
Making a difference
This is a big problem & an important one to solve!

The average rate at which farmers commit suicide in India is every 30 minutes. There are 60 million child labourers in India - nearly the population of the UK. Cotton is the "dirtiest crop" - 55% of all synthetic pesticides in India are used in cotton farming.
30 minutes. 60 million. 55%. We need to change this.
We need to get all these numbers down to zero!
No suicides, no child labourers, no toxic pesticides.

Making a difference

Making a difference
Helping the farmers
helps you too!

It's not just the farmers affected by this problem. The extremely toxic chemicals (most of which are banned in the West but still sold in India) used in cotton farming flow into our food, our water, our air. They're in what you eat, what you drink, what you wear.
Switching to organic is the answer!
Safe for the farmers, safe for the families, safe for the soil, safe for the water supply, safe for the world, safe for you.

Making a difference

Making a difference
Every t-shirt you buy makes a difference

We believe that you "Vote with your Wallet".
Every purchase you make creates demand for more of the same. Buy a regular t-shirt and you support the current industry. Buy organic and fair trade and you support a change. For every purchase, the farmers get more, the factory workers get more and you support brands like us who're trying to make a difference - all in return for buying an awesome t-shirt.

Making a difference

Making a difference
You don't need to change your lifestyle to help

You don't need to change your dressing style, leave alone your lifestyle. We'll meet you where you're at. We provide stylized, luxurious, designer t-shirts that every
t-shirt wearer would love to have; while offering you an effortless way to express your voice for a more fair and sustainable world. Do what you normally do, wear what you like to wear - just make informed decisions and choose well.

Making a difference

Making a difference
Change is within your reach. Grab it.

We know you are concerned about the direction the world is going in. You probably feel like your voice isn't being heard, your vote doesn't count. Sometimes the hardest part of changing our lives and the world is believing that it’s possible. Well, it is!
You've got all that you need! Start where you are – with what you are going to wear today. Make that switch. Responsibility is sexier than reckless abandon.

Making a difference

Making a difference
You can help start a movement.

Don’t just see what is, but also what will be. Let's say you buy a t-shirt made from organic cotton. That creates more money for organic farmers than usual, which makes more farmers want to convert to organic farming. And more designers to use organic material. And more stores to carry organic clothes. And more people to buy organic, so they can be as organic as you. All because you made a choice to be organic. You can bring about this change.
You can help start a movement.

Making a difference

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