Our house is on fire.

Since 2011, No Nasties has made 100% organic cotton, fair trade, vegan clothing. But that's no longer enough - the climate crisis is upon us. And we need to do more.

Introducing Planet Positive clothing.


Each & every product in the world has an impact on the planet. All of ours have a positive one.

Every product you buy from No Nasties removes more CO2 from the climate than it creates to make it & ship it.

How? Here's our simple 3 step process:

1. Reduce our emissions

2. Compensate for our carbon footprint

3. Go beyond to make it Planet Positive

1. Reduce our Emissions

NN_BAN-test2-No Nasties Planet Positive Clothing, Organic Cotton Clothing

To start with, we reduce, reduce, reduce our CO2 emissions as much as we possibly can.

100% Organic: We use 100% organic cotton - no exceptions. This saves 91% water, 46% emissions, 64% energy over conventional cotton. This is huge!

100% Local: All our products are made in India from start to finish. It's all 100% local. Reduces our carbon miles big time.

100% Vegan: No leather, no wool, no fur, just cotton. Not using animal products reduces greenhouse gas emissions. And is just the right thing to do too, no?

Zero-Waste Approach: We make clothes, face masks, and accessories from waste and overstock fabrics in our factory, where possible. Reduces waste, reduces emissions!

Reusable Packaging: All our packaging is made from recycled, recyclable and reusable materials. No single-use crap here.

Renewable Energy: Our website is fuelled by solar & wind energy. Parts of our factories are too. Goodbye, fossil fuels.

What does all this add up to? A low, low footprint!

2. Compensate for our carbon footprint.

NN_BAN-test3-No Nasties Planet Positive Clothing, Organic Cotton Clothing

Next, we measure the carbon footprint of every No Nasties product across 3 stages:

1. Farm & Factory: From raw materials to manufacturing.

2. Transportation: From farm to factory to warehouse to you.

3. Product Lifecycle: For washing & drying over its average lifetime (yep, we include that too!)

We then compensate for the total footprint through offsets to take our net impact to zero.

Offsets are a way of balancing the scales - for every kilo of CO2 released into the air, we take away a kilo by supporting projects for avoiding or absorbing CO2 from the air. Even Steven.

No Nasties invests in offset projects for solar power, wind energy, forest protection & replanting.

Oh, we also offset for our operations and all our employees' carbon footprint too!

This gets us to carbon neutral. No harm, no foul.

3. Go beyond to make it Planet Positive

NN_BAN-test4-No Nasties Planet Positive Clothing, Organic Cotton Clothing

To reverse climate change, we need to go beyond carbon neutral and remove more CO2 than we create. We call this “planet positive”.

Our first step: 3X OFFSETS

We offset 3 times the footprint of each product. That's 3 times more solar power, more wind energy, more forests - thanks to your purchase!

Our next step: 3X TREES

We plant 3 trees for every product you buy. Trees remove 20kg of CO2 from the air annually and we are planting thousands & thousands of them!

3X Offsets + 3X Trees = Planet Positive.

3X Offsets + 3X Trees = Planet Positive.