How would you like to work with us?

Bulk & Customised Orders

Would you like organic cotton tees with your unique branding and design? We love seeing businesses choose sustainable solutions for their corporate and marketing endeavours.

As a B2C business, our supply chain is built to fulfil our online and offline store's needs, which makes it sometimes hard to offer competitive B2B deals in a time frame that works for most businesses. Our manufacturer prefers big order volumes and quality takes time. However, we'd love to see more planet positive clothing in places where you'd least expect it, and hope we can find a solution for you.

Depending on the style, fabric colour, print and sizing needs, we can work with a MOQ of 200-400 pieces per style and a turnaround time of 3 months after the finalization of the design.

Let's say we'd make tees for you (which work for both genders), the pricing would come to around Rs 600 - 900 per tee, depending on the fabric colour and print requirements.

If this works for you, contact us at to get the ball rolling & join the following brands in making better branding choices:

Strangers & Sons

Bombay Saphire

Reality Tours & Travel

International Wholesale

Do you run a retail store that sells sustainable slow fashion products? Whether it's a brick-and-mortar or an online store, we'd love for No Nasties to be a part of it.

And it's so easy! Just choose a minimum of 20 pieces from our store online, check-out with a 40% discount code provided by us, and sell the products at a price range that works for your local market.

Contact us at and we'll create a wholesale account for you right away.

Consignment in India

Would you like to become a consignment partner of No Nasties? Yeah, let's do it!

You can share your preferences from our current collection with us. After finalising the selection, we'll send the products within 7 business days. You'll then provide a sales report once a month and we'll invoice the sold products with a 30% discount. Easy-breezy!

Contact us at to get you started.