About The Brand

Our recipe for success: Take equal parts of Organic, Fair Trade and Awesome. Mix them up in a big pot of cool and voilà - you get a brand that people love!

Our Brand

We want to create a brand that people LOVE! Minimal design, attractive artwork, sustainable packaging. Easy on the eyes, easy on the planet.

Organic. Fairtrade. Awesome

No Nasties Postcards

No Nasties Visiting Cards

Our Pizza box Packaging

The Badge of Awesome

Simple & Sustainable

Our Farms

This is where it starts. This is what it's all about. Our cotton is grown in organic fair trade farms by small scale farmers all over India.
No GMO seeds, no synthetic pesticides, no nasties!
Cotton is Beautiful
Cotton is Beautiful

Fair Trade builds Communities
Fair Trade builds Communities

Happy Farmers
Happy Farmers

Organic = Happy
Organic = Happy

Farming Co-ops
Farming Co-ops

Hand picked Cotton
Hand picked Cotton

Our Factories

We carry over the great work done in the farms to our manufacturing factories, who always follow ethical fair labour practices.
No child labour, no discrimination, no nasties here either.

Eco-friendly Screen Printing

No Child Labour

Hand made & hand printed

Only 100% Organic Cotton

Plastisol free Inks

Better Wages, Happier Workers

Our Process : From Seed To Garment

Ever wondered how your t-shirt is made? How many steps does it take to go from cotton to clothing? (Hint: A lot!)

Ground Zero: The Cotton Farm

Beautiful Healthy Organic Cotton

Enroute the cotton mill for weighing and unloading.

The ginning machine separates the seeds and the lint.

The separated seeds are used for cattle feed

Seed-free cotton on its way to becoming your bunny-soft tee!

Cotton is compressed for storage before its made into thread.

This machine separates the cotton so its ready to be scanned for imperfections.

The cotton is first made into these incredibly soft fluffy ropes.

Six of these soft cotton ropes are woven together into one much stronger rope.

The spools of thread at the top are woven together to become even stronger.

Each spool is ready to be spun and spun and spun...

The cotton thread on cardboard spools ready to be knit into fabric

The cotton fabric is then dyed using eco-friendly dyes

The fabric is then layered and cut into patterns for stitching

Fabric to pattern, pattern to garment!

Each Garment is inspected for quality before...

Off it goes to our warehouses to send them to you!

Our Community

From ethical brands and consumer movements to organisations working on social & environmental causes, we're joining hands with like-minded folks every step of the way.
The Green People of India
The Green People of India

Once Upon A Doug
Once Upon A Doug


UnLtd India
UnLtd India


Reality Gives
Reality Gives


Fashion Revolution
Fashion Revolution


Our Supporters

We want to start a movement for ethical fashion, and a movement needs people. Good thing then that we've got plenty of support from good folks like you!

Our Team

We're a group of passion-fueled, purpose-driven individuals excited to bring positive change while having a blast doing it!

No Nasties Life

From Ultimate Frisbee to Capoeira, from running to diving, from designers to dreamers, the No Nasties bunch is a fun bunch! (We should totally hang out!)