No Nasties Superheroes: Suzanna Gayatri

No Nasties Heroes: Suzanna Gayatri

Superheroes! They have passion, they have swag, and they don’t always wear their undies over their tights!

Meet our No Nasties superheroes, living right amongst us mere mortals and just happening to go about their heroic business in fairtrade, organic style. We love our community and want to celebrate all you amazing people doing awesome things in your cotton capes! (Ahem, or tees, skirts, dresses…)

This week we’re thrilled to feature the wonderful Suzanna Gayatri. One of our star supporters for a long time, Suzanna featured No Nasties on her exquisite Packed in India blog way back in 2012. A true champion of small brands from across India, Suzanna is a fearless advocate for holistic wellbeing and the rights of all. Hurrah!


Hi Super Suzanna! What are you famous for? (Tell us more about yourself!)

Not 'famous', but rather 'known' for yoga, for the love of it and for starting the whole 'Yoga in the Park' concept in Bangalore in 2012. I don't do it now since there are enough people doing it and having fun in the process. Focussing more now on guiding people to understand what yoga is, drawing up charts for home-practice sessions and in some cases, having them over to my space downstairs to guide them through a session. I'd like more people to practice on their own, by themselves - that's when you truly truly connect. And maybe, once in a while, if they can go for a drop-in yoga session in town, it'll be nice, because that's where the socialisation/sangha aspect comes into play - the knowledge and joy of sharing, connecting and practising together. But solo practice is very important and very difficult. My training in yoga has been mostly from the Sivananda Ashram in Uttarkashi and a short course at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram when they were at Rishikesh. Really hoping I find the time to learn more and meet more teachers. I write random thoughts down on my blog here at

My Packed in India blog is decently known too, I think. Had a few students come up to me at an art fair, and actually ask me if I run Pii, so that's when I figured that there are people actually looking at stuff I do online. I enjoy showcasing packaging online and it started as a personal space to collect stuff I liked.

Famous for saying no to meat and dairy. The definition of vegan is still vague to most people. But I am not vegan. I still have my old leather bags and chappals I just cannot do without, and of course - honey that's part of my brekka everyday! So that's definitely not veganism. I like organic a lot. Vegetables taste better, masalas taste more masalaey and fabrics - I swear I get a good vibe from them.

And all this sustained by what I have been known for, for nearly 15 years - being a copywriter :)

No Nasties Heroes: Suzanna Gayatri

Name 3 nasties that you'd like to get rid of in the world? (What gets your goat?!)

I really wish animals could communicate with us. I wish they could just talk and tell us when they're ill, or scream and say that there are meat substitutes out there, or yell from a tree top to watch out for a car that's coming straight at us around a bend.

I can't stand men who claim to be feminists and go on and on about equal rights in the hopes of getting into a woman's pants. Arrey, equal rights will happen when he sees women as another person, na? Not when he puts it up as a status message in hopes of getting laid.

People who bargain with local craftspeople. I mean, I know it's a great way to make a connection and practise your language and all. But can't they just pay that 400 bucks and appreciate all the work that's gone into it, and move on? I've seen this especially with craftspeople - not just in India, but around the world. Guys who carry their ware from faraway villages and come down to the cities to sit in a big maidan or a farmer's market and sell their handwork, and you have people go and bargain with them so casually. These very same people will never think twice about bargaining at a big brand shop, no?

No Nasties Heroes: Suzanna Gayatri
Why No Nasties?

I fell for your logo and packaging initially. But then what got me hooked were the ultra soft plain simple tees in lovely lovely colours that I used for yoga. Then next I tried the skirts, then the dresses, and now I will buy anything that you put up. It's got beautiful energy and I believe the process and love with which it is made has been soaked into it to leave the buyer glowing and happy.

Thanks so much, Suzanna!

Super Suzanna is wearing our Maxi Dress in Onyx (other colours still available!), Slim Skirt in Charcoal (sold out… but new skirts launching very soon!) and the bestselling Angled Top in Palmyra from our current Palmae Collection.


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