No Nasties Superheroes : Shanto R. Doultani aka Dhyan (The Bottle Man)

No Nasties Superheroes : Shanto R. Doultani aka Dhyan (The Bottle Man)

Superheroes! They have passion, they have swag, and they don’t always wear their undies over their tights!

Meet our No Nasties superheroes, living amongst us mere mortals and just happening to go about their heroic business in fair-trade, organic style. We love our community and want to celebrate all you amazing people doing awe-inspiring things in your cotton capes! (Ahem, or tees, skirts, dresses…)

This week we feature Super-guru Shanto Doultani aka ‘Dhyan', a visionary who has made it his mission to make us busy-bees aware of the harmful impact of plastic waste on our environment.

Hi, Shanto! What are you famous for? Tell us more about yourself.

I’m famous for being a meditation teacher, and for dancing a mean tango!

I’m also famous for being the ‘Bottle Man’, creator and founder of ‘Carry Your Bottle’ – a project that started as a campaign in raising awareness about the wasteful use of plastic water bottles, with the ultimate objective of eliminating plastic garbage.

Reusable Bottles | Eco-Friendly Bottles | Recycle | Carry your bottle | Shanto | No Nasties

The project encourages people to carry their own bottles (remember the good old days of carrying water bottles to school?) instead of buying bottled water.

We create eco-friendly, reusable metal bottles that carry our message. These bottles are manufactured in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, and are made out of steel (from India) on the outside and copper on the inside.

We have also set up water-refill points across the states of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Anyone can register on our website to set up a water-refill point at their place of business to be a part of this social movement.

Reusable bottles | Eco friendly bottles | Carry your bottle | Shanto | No Nasties

Most of us are unaware of the harmful effects of excessive plastic waste on the environment, and with our daily buying & consumption habits we can make a significant contribution to the reduction of environment pollution.

Free, potable water is available and accessible most everywhere; we are doing our bit by establishing water-refill points around the country.


Name 3 nasties that you’d like to get rid of in the world?

1. Plastic - specifically, the excessive, wastefulness of it.

2. Pollution – air pollution, water pollution, all of them!

3. Hate – I stand by the message of living life in love and peace.

Why No Nasties?

Zen! The organic cotton feels light and super-comfy on your body, it’s simple yet striking. It’s Fairtrade too! And the quality also feels good.

Shanto is pictured being extra heroic in our Classic Beech Henley and Elder Grey Pocket Tee.

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