No Nasties Superheroes : Josefin Wikström

Josefin Wikström an ambassador for the Prison Yoga Project US where she recently also started the Prison Yoga Project in Mumbai India.
Superheroes! They have passion, they have swag, and they don’t always wear their undies over their tights! Meet our No Nasties superheroes, living right amongst us mere mortals and just happening to go about their heroic business in fairtrade, organic style. We love our community and want to celebrate all you amazing people doing awesome things in your cotton capes! (Ahem, or tees, skirts, dresses…)

Our spotlight today is on the most excellent Josefin Wikström.

Josefin is teaching from a heartfelt feeling that the yoga practice has transformable powers and is accessible to everyone. She was one of the three main teachers in the Swedish Prison Yoga Project - Krimyoga for 7 years and is currently an ambassador for the Prison Yoga Project US and worldwide where she recently also started the Prison Yoga Project in Mumbai, India.

Josefin Wikström for No Nasties
Let's get to know her better!

Hi Josefin! What are you famous for? Tell us more about yourself!

(Laughs) I am really not famous and I feel anything but a superhero!

I might have been heard of regarding my work with yoga & dance towards people who are in a difficult situation or have been/are exposed to trauma.

  • I have been working with organising therapeutic dance and yoga programs for different NGOs in various slum areas and children/women centres in Mumbai since 2007 through project Ahsas together with Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts.
  • As a Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher my main teacher is John Scott, I am very honoured to be one of his 500 level graduates, his greatest message for us his trained teachers is to be active in the world sharing the practice where it is most needed. John has been my strongest supporter in the work that I do!
  • I am currently working with organising the Prison Yoga Project in Mumbai training Indian yoga teachers to learn the methods for teaching in prisons after a local initiative and request.
  • I am also working with The Swedish Prison yoga project and in the US together with James Fox who is the founder of the Prison Yoga Project.
  • I teach dance and yoga regularly in a high security prison for women in Sweden. I have also taught yoga to a group of life sentenced men at San Quentin prison in California. 

The effects from the yoga practice in a prison environment is close to magic - they are experiencing less anxiety, increased self reflection, less reactive behaviour, better sleep, increased emphatic social engagement and a sense of belonging.

The yoga philosophy and practice has such a strong message of hope and unity!
Here are some quotes from prisoners at San Quentin Prison:

“Yoga and its emphasis on the power of a single breath has promoted for me a respect for life and a profound realisation of the destructive force of violence." S.L.

“Yoga helped me come out of a dark place with myself. I feel privileged to have learned about yoga and myself. I try to practice the 8 Limbs in my life everyday, and remember to love myself so that I may love others and do no harm.” J.G.


This is an amazing initiative, Josefin! Thank you for all your great work.

If any of our readers (YOU!) would like to support this work, please visit the page below and contribute on their crowdfunding site too!

(For donations towards Mumbai project and creation of Prison yoga materials : mark the donation PYP Mumbai).

Ok, name 3 nasties that you'd like to get rid of in the world?

1. Greed. It really upsets me to see the greed of big companies exploiting the resources of the planet.
2. Egoism. What if we woke up one day and realised that we are in this same boat together!
3. Poverty. The world is experiencing a massive unbalance with the distribution of wealth , land, healthcare, justice, the right for education and basic human needs.

Why No Nasties? (What do you like about us?)

I love No Nasties! Your ethics and values stand for the exact opposite of all my Nasties mentioned above!
I really support your ideas of fair-trade, eco-cotton that not only is good for the environment; you are also developing work opportunities for the rural farmers.
Your Doug project supporting the women of the farming community that have the highest suicide rates in India is a such a beautiful initiative!
For me No Nasties symbolises HOPE!

Plus, being a yoga teacher I also love the soft materials and beautiful designs that allows me to go straight from teaching to a dinner in the same outfit.


Thanks, Josefin! You're an inspiration for us all and we are so honoured to have your support!


Josefin is pictured being extra heroic in our Palm Palmetto DressClover Jacket Top and Wallflower Honecomb Scarf available at our online store.

Photo credit: Supapan Tanrattanavong

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Jennie July 8 2017

“For me No Nasties symbolises HOPE!”

…and that’s exactly how I feel about BOTH No Nasties and Josefin!
—> Hope – and a pure hearted decision to make this world a better place!

Guys, you are absolutely amazing! <3

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