ps: this is better

ps: this is better

So how is this better?

Simply put, we remove more CO2 than we create. And we do it 3x times over.

carbon negative clothing no nasties organic cotton

3X carbon removed

3X trees planted

3X better feels

organic clothing brand india no nasties


Sonal | IndiaSeptember 2022

Super fit! Really liked the fabric and its breathability.

Shop the Coconut Milk Knit Shirt

Katrin | EstoniaJune 2022

I am amazed that I found my favorite garment literally from across the globe. Absolutely love everything about it.

Shop the Navarra Tunic

Gautham | IndiaJune 2022

Fell in love with how soft and comfortable the shirt is! The carbon negative aspect is the icing on the cake.

Shop the Flora Shirt

Adrienne | United StatesSeptember 2022

My favorite new sweater. I get so many compliments on the unique tulip hem. Very flattering. I'd buy one in every color if there were more!

Shop the Riviera Sweater

Anirudh | IndiaSeptember 2022

I have been buying at No Nasties occasionally (only when there is a need!). Love their products and I truly am a big of their approach towards sustainability. Was blown away today when they gave me an option to return the bag, thereby making it truly circular. Fan for life!

Shop the Black Henley

Jazz | IndiaMay 2022

Absolutely love the look and feel of this dress. I've already decided to live in it all summer long (and yes, I promise to wash it).

Shop the Montpellier Swing Dress

Adina | GermanySeptember 2022

An everyday wear tee that saves the planet - doesn't get any better!

Shop the Black Muscle Tee

Claudia | United KingdomJune 2022

It's gorgeous! Lovely colour lovely feel, exactly as pictured, really nice.

Shop the Chatou Tunic

Almost Famous.

Fashion pollutes the planet.

We make it better.